Organizational Background & Accomplishments

The Of The Peace Foundation concept was developed as a result of personal experiences of years of homelessness by Vietnam Veteran and founder David De La Paz. His suffering and living conditions were a direct result of an over burdened Veterans Administration (VA) system and the labyrinth of bureaucracy that governs it.

On Veterans Day 2009 traveling from Monterey, California, Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) graduate student Chui Archuleta and future founder             David De La Paz attended the International Drug Reform Conference in               Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference highlighted many issues that specifically targeted Veterans and coping mechanisms they use to manage their PTSD and related symptoms.

Policies were observed that were not only ineffective for helping veterans but were directly harmful in the daily lives of U.S. veterans returning to and adjusting back to a civilian society. After observing the lack of advocacy and representation for the PTSD population, OTPF was founded to fill this need

We are a 501 C3 not for profit that is here to help soldiers world wide. Please visit our projects page to see how we try to make a difference. If you are in a place to donate to our organization, on behalf of soldiers worldwide we thank you. Please click here to donate.

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