Basis for Proposed Project

Our mission is to Disarm, Demobilize, and Reintegrate War fighters globally.

In the long and short term, there will be the need to have support activities in the form of “War Fighter Sites” (WFS) and “Wilderness Outreach Research and Developments Sites” (WORDS). We currently have 2 such sites located in the restorative environments of Arroyo Seco, Ca and Big Sur, Ca.

There will be a collection of medical and mental health professionals to provide care that the VA has failed to identify and treat correctly. Here PTSD sufferers may receive care and services in a healing and compassionate setting. Currently, we are operating on a shoestring budget and passionate volunteers. With your contribution, we may increase the number of veterans we may help and at a much higher capacity and quality

Project Goals

The programs we are implementing involve an extreme outreach team to liaison with local authorities (law enforcement as well as health professionals) to provide the veteran with on the spot intervention, thus helping veterans that could otherwise be a danger to themselves, their families, or communities.

A family component will be provided in a program of group therapy that will address deeper and more personal issues as a result of a family member returning from war.  The groups will be formed of all willing family members, the veteran, and significant others.  Training will be provided on how to support the veteran in their short and long term maintenance of PTSD and reintegration into civilian society.  This will be done in partnership with the Veterans Administration and other willing Veteran groups.

These are programs we have taken on so far. Please click on a link below to learn more.


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