Soledad Prison PTSD Project

We have joined forces with Dr. Ben Colodzin, who works with veterans’ with PTSD, in the Soledad Prison System. For years he has volunteered time and paid expenses out of his own pocket. Our goal is to keep him funded and provide him with the funding for the supplies needed to continue the Soledad Prison PTSD Project. All proceeds will be directly donated to Dr. Ben Colodzin and the Soledad PTSD Project.

Ben Colodzin Ph.D. is a humanistic health educator with more than 30 years experience on trauma-related issues He is author of the books TRAUMA AND SURVIVAL: A SELF HELP LEARNING GUIDE, and HOW TO SURVIVE TRAUMA. He is founder and former director of Olympia Institute, a nonprofit health organization focused on education about traumatic experiences and their consequences. He is also the former editor of Olympia Institute Quarterly (1996-2002), an online publication posing the question “what kind of help really helps?” for traumatized individuals.



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