Many veterans are not fully aware of their benefits they are eligible to receive. Here are many of the links that veterans can use to better their situations in life. 


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:  Federal Benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Veterans Benefits Administration:  Federal Benefits Facts Sheets.
Military Records Requests:  Request your military records from National Archives.
Center for Women Veterans:  Federal Benefits for women.

Health Care
Veterans Health AdministrationU.S. Veterans Affairs health care portal.
Veterans Crisis Hotline:  A lifeline for veterans struggling with mental health or suicidal thoughts.
Board of Veterans Appeals:  Vet appeals process.

Education & Employment
Educational Assistance:   Education benefits you are entitled to under the GI Bill.
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E):  Get assistance with job training and resume development.

Business & Financial
Home Loan Assistance:  Every Vet deserves a home.
Business Assistance:  A guide for entrepreneurship for Vets.
Disability CompensationSee if your eligible for disability compensation.
Veterans Insurance:  Insurance Benefits

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